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Monday, September 05, 2005

Tell Me Quando Quando Quando

To all the dear friends who have asked for our return, we love you and thank you for your support. Our prolonged silence over the last few months has drawn an onslaught of requests, pleas, complaints from our beloved readers. The most dramatic of these came over dinner, where over XO Fish-Head Bee Hoon and baby kai-lan, a reader who shall be known only as Premlicious unexpectedly, and quite sullenly threw down his chopsticks, and demanded that we start blogging, lest he remove The High Levels from his Favourites list.

Indeed, much has happened in the world since we last blogged. Much of which we wouldn't know about were it not for the good blogs of Messrs Brown, Miyagi, and the enigmatic Cowboy Caleb. To be sure, we could venture to comment insightfully upon hurricanes, terrorist attacks or North Korea, but that is more the domain of the High Flyer, not The High Level. Newspapers are, for us, general household aids that splendidly absorb vomit, or prevent the oil from a KFC family bucket from smearing the table top.

Apparently, a lady blogger who writes as Sarong Party Girl placed some rather tasteful pictures of herself on her blog, which sent the local conservatives out in witch-hunting droves. When asked for The High Level comment on the incident, tRYATHLETE offered, "Shit lah, all of us didn't see it." In any case, l'art pour art we say.

Also worthy of mention has been the meteoric apotheosis of the excellent Rockson Takumi Tan. Intelligent, opinionated and grandiloquently heartland, the good Rockson has become a mythical hero of sorts. With hearty tales of his Evo, his lup sup bar escpades and political diatribes recounted in flawless Singlish, Rockson portrays the stereotype of the 'beng' to complete and utter perfection. Side-splittingly funny, and without question, a complete impostor. As Techno Telegu remarked, "hao siao one lah." The High Levels salute Rockson Takumi Tan.

Apologies to all as well for our no-show at the bloggers convention. I was working till late over the weekend. As Topspin has informed you, I force children to beat little green balls with rigour, and make them run and do push ups if they do not. On that weekend, tRY was in JB on another of his numerous sojourns to the beautiful state, while Tops was milling around one of Singapore's premier law firms, waiting diligently for a winsome lady for a chat and a dash of Darjeeling. Techno was in Nepal showing the Sherpas how to climb mountains, as well as the proper techniques for loading stores on llamas.

Thats it for now. We are delighted to be back.


Anonymous chowzzer said...

UP la!!! UP LA!!! more posts pls.

10:50 PM

Blogger Jul said...

Just when I was about to remove ya from from my bookmarks...you guys pop back up from the hole...

3:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see that the High Levels are back...but, to quote my platoon sergeant, "songs! songs! where are my songs!?"

6:48 PM

Blogger king of tears said...

it's about bloody time!

3:50 PM

Anonymous opposite108 said...

finally u are back..i am still waiting for the silent partner..techno to post..

once again up la dey...

5:22 AM


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